Wedding Floristry The wired bouquet


* A round wired bouquet
* A wired shower bouquet

The WIRED bouquet - this often fills many florists with dread but is a key technique especially for shower and teardrop bouquets.

The day will cover a wired round bouquet. There are some flowers that are best wired to form a bouquet such as orchids, some lilies, succulents, so we will start with a round bouquet to practise wiring and technique. The afternoon will then concentrate on a wired teardrop/shower bouquet - this will be a full trailing bouquet with lots of different materials to give breadth of wiring and practise the build of a shower bouquet.

As we can easily spend up to 3 hours on each bouquet concentrating on these two items will ensure you have plenty of time to focus and practise the required techniques. Guidance will also be given on timings, planning, suitable flowers, finishing of wired bouquets. All materials are included as well as refreshments and homemade cakes.


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26th Feb 2016

Wedding Floristry - The Wired Bouquet- £195

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